Conference schedule

The conference will begin with an opening reception the evening of Wednesday 4 July at 5.00pm.

This will be followed by two full days of paper presentations on Thursday 5 July and Friday 7 July, with a short day and concluding AGM on Saturday 7 July.

The keynote lecture by Claire Zimmerman will be held in the evening on Thursday 5 July at 5.30pm.

The conference is hosted at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Victoria University of Wellington, 139 Vivian St, Wellington.

Download the SAHANZ18 Schedule or view the full schedule below.

Wednesday 4 July

5.00 – 7.00pm Registration and Opening Drinks, Fortune Favours, 7 Leeds Street, Te Aro

Thursday 5 July

Prof. Claire Zimmerman’s keynote lecture in the evening

Lecture Theater 2 VS 125
9.30-11.00am Session 1
Overdue For Change: Australian University Libraries After World War II

Philip Goad

Hannah Lewi

Andrew Murray

The Evolution of Constructive Technologies in Italy: Wooden Floors and ‘Incartate’ From the Post-Medieval Era to Contemporary Times

Pasquale Cucco

Rossella Del Regno


Concrete Complexities: Reinforced Concrete in the Architecture of Auckland’s Town Hall, Chief Post Office and Ferry Building

Milica Madanovic


Technology, Craft Culture and Sustainability: The Case of Pre-Modern Chinese Architecture

Mengbi Li

Modernist Concrete: Technologies of Brisbane Church Architecture in the 1960s

Lisa Marie Daunt


Building Construction and Meaning: The Origin and the Occupation of Chinese Tingtang

Pengfei Ma

11.00-11.30am Morning Tea, The Atrium
11.30-1.00pm Session 2
Eduardo Torroja, Concrete and Spain’s Indigenous Structural Types

Brett Tippey


Impact of Technology on Traditional Jharoka Windows in Lahore

Zain Zulfiqar

Knowledge Transfer in the Nineteenth Century: The Short History of Béton Aggloméré in Queensland

Elizabeth Musgrave


Architectonics in Pre- and Post-Revolutionary Iran

Rahmatollah Amirjani

Concrete: A Western Australian Tradition

Andrew Murray

Learning From Lost Architecture: Immersive Experience and Cultural Experience as a New Historiography

Alison De Kruiff

Flavia Marcello

Jeni Paay

1.00-2.30pm Lunch, The Atrium
1.00-2.30pm SAHANZ Editorial Board Meeting, VS 101
2.30-4.30pm Session 3
Big Data and Architectural History: How to Characterise Architects Using Big Data

Adrian Humphris

Geoff Mew


William Wardell (1823-1899): Architect and Engineer ‘Convent and School, Kew’, 1889

Ursula M. De Jong

#Parlourinstaguest: How are New(er) Media Technologies Shaping the Discourse of Architecture?

Alysia Bennett

Tania Davidge

Charity Edwards


Intelsat: Satellites, Science and Science Fiction

Paul Walker

Tradition vs. Technology: Periodicals as a Driving Force for the Architectural Debate: The Spanish Gaze Over the Pacific

Ana Esteban-Maluenda

The Problem of Air New Zealand House in 1960s Auckland

Luciana Mota

Elizabeth Aitken Rose

Julia Gatley

Media(ted) Practice: The Globalization of Architecture Through Standards, Softwares, and Spatial Imaginations

Aaron Tobey


4.30-5.30pm Reception, The Atrium
5.30-7.00pm Keynote Lecture by Claire Zimmerman, Lecture Theater 1

Friday 6 July

Lecture Theater 2 VS 125
9.30-11.00am Session 4
On Why We Should Consider that the Interior Perspective Render is Art,

After All

Louie T. Navarro

Gerhard Bruyns


R.G.S. Beatson: From Student Work to Auckland Houses

Brenda Vale

Robin Skinner

Tools, Which Tools?: The Changings of Architects

Gill Matthewson

Like Gordon Wilson, Minus the Heritage Protection: Auckland’s Upper Greys Avenue Flats, 1954-1959

Julia Gatley

Gina Hochstein



Historiographies of Image-Technologies in Architecture at the Turn of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

Akari Kidd

Sanja Rodeš

From Emergency Reception Centres to Housing Experiments: Migrant Accommodation and the Commonwealth Department of Public Works

Renee Miller-Yeaman


11.00-11.30am Morning Tea, The Atrium
11.30-1.00pm Session 5
“An Index of Real Effect”: Early Photographic Reproductions in

Australia’s Building Press

Paul Hogben


Edward Bell and the Technology of Sydney’s Third Water Supply Scheme

Jennifer Preston

The Visible Invisible: X-Rays and Claude Bragdon’s Fourth Dimension

Marcus Fajl

Effect of Technology on the Formation of Architecture of Railway Stations Case Study: Bandartorkaman and Bandargaz, Sari, Gaemshahr, Shirgah and Versak in Northern Iran

Golshan Moghsemi

Maryam Espomahali


The Technology of Axonometry in 1960s Britain: Kenneth Frampton and Peter Eisenman

Sally Farrah


Engrained Modernity: Robin Gibson’s Pinkenba Grain Elevator

Lloyd Jones

1.00-2.30pm Lunch, The Atrium
2.30-4.30pm Session 6
The Stone Sarjeant: Architecture, Materiality and Colonisation in Pukenamu/Queens Park, Whanganui

Matt Joseph Taylor Ritani


Rangahaua: Architecture and Cultural Interface

Mark Southcombe

The Rise and Fall of the Bungalow

Shenuka De Sylva

Brenda Vale

Gordon Holden

Potential For Interdisciplinary Collaboration Between Architecture and Social Science in Post-War Urban Redevelopment

Morten Gjerde

Emina Kristina Petrovi?

Casimir MacGregor


American Modernist Tectonics

vs Australian Gold Coast Topos

Marja Sarvimäki

“Their Presence Could Work A Revolution”: Women Architects and Homes in New Zealand in the 1900s-1930s

Elizabeth Cox



The Ecole Des Beaux-Arts and the Advent of Modern Architecture in Interwar Iran

Peyman Akhgar


6.30pm  Opening Reception, Struggling Cities Exhibition, The Atrium

Saturday 8 July

Lecture Theater 2 VS 125
9.30-11.00am Session 7
Sight and Sensation: Observations on I.M. Pei’s Approach to Composition

Michael Jasper


WHITE: Aalto, Landscape, Technology, Atmosphere

John W. Roberts

Maria Roberts


Rudolph Schindler’s Church School Lecture on ‘Form Creation’ (1916): A Preliminary Reading

James Curry

Stanislaus Fung


11.00-11.30am Morning Tea, The Atrium
11.30-1.30pm SAHANZ AGM, VS125